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YiNNEH's current icon.

YiNNEH (id:anthonyhart96) wasn't as popular as creators such as ShinyEevee and Gizmo but definitely was well known. He ended his Hatena "career" with 75 flipnotes, 140,702 views, 162,465 stars, 482 fans, and the achievement of being ranked 15th after selling his DSi. He's made many friends since then and continues his artwork on DeviantArt, Furrafinity, and his own website. It is rumored that he is to return with the 2013 release of Flipnote Studio 3D.

Aliases and Characters

YiNNEH has gone through many name changes and variations over the course of his 2 year stay. From TonyHart, to MrMiTTeNz, YinLugia, to YiNNEH. His original character (a cat with a stick figure's body) had taken a drastic physical change as well as a name change. He became "Piko the Pikachu" in July of 2010 and YiNNEH  had created several other Pokemon characters at the time. In August of the same year, he changed his name to YinLugia after changing "Piko" into a red Lugia named "Yin" which many had compared to "Guaps the Lugia". In December of 2010, a new character appeared, a white wolf with the name "Yin". This sudden character change after the fame "Yin the Lugia" had brought caused much debate on whether the change was a good idea or not. YiNNEH continued to use both characters until the final discontinuement of the Lugia. The white wolf is still used to this date. As for the creator himself he has gone through many name variations such as the currently used "Yin Teh Win", "Yinner", "Yinny", "Yinneh" and the original "Yin".


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One of YiNNEH's more popular flips,which received 96,000+ views on Youtube

YiNNEH's real name is Anthony. He was 12 when he joined the Hatena community and is now age 15. He recentley left his home of Hawaii back to the continental US. He now resides on a town that borders Texas and New Mexico. Some of his noteable friends made are Guap$, Alejandro, and ShinyEevee. 3 of his flipnotes had made Hatena's front page, 3 others appeared on the third and fourth pages. He runs a youtube channel where he has reposted his favorite flipnotes he made, one had recently reached 96,000+ views. He still continues his art on many other websites.


YiNNEH no longer uses Hatena, but he can still be found at any of the following profiles.

Flipnote ID

You can also watch all his past flipnotes from Flipnote Studio 3D's DSi Library with the following code:


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