A Recent Ink Drawing from his Deviantart

A 2014 ink drawing from his Deviantart Page

Icon 4

An old profile icon of his.

World3Boss was a creator on Flipnote Hatena from late 2010 until its cancellation. His most popular flipnote was a music video for "Pokemon!", by the screen team, which he created in retaliation against a similar flipnote that he believed to be of low quality using the same song that had gained a lot of popularity. He created numerous animations up until mere days before the website was shut down. He preferred to be known for his twelve-part flipnote comic series Beacons, but only the first issue gained any notable success. He had also started another comic series titled The Seventh Son that was discontinued due to taking too much time to make and having very little reception. He was known for making dramatic use of Biblical themes in many of his videos.He was also known for his excessive use of electronic dance music, particularly towards the end of his career as a Creator. Many of his earlier flipnotes were very crude, only requiring a small amount of work, but he eventually reached the point of spending weeks on each flipnote. His final flipnote, which served as a sendoff to Flipnote Hatena in anticipation of Flipnote Gallery, can still be found on Youtube.

He joined Sudomemo in late 2014 using his brother's DSi, which is named "Sparky". There, he posts animation tests for future projects, and a few other things.

He was followed by and/or friends with several other popular creators, including MsMetaFan, Anna, Nicholas, Zforever, Fred, ChortlinMe, and others. He was a prospective member for BosS's I.C.I group, but that project has remained in limbo after the shutting down of the website. He was also personal friends with popular creator Xan before he had joined the Hatena.

As of 10/25/14, he now has a Youtube channel where he uploads voice acting and short animation tests, and he plans to make more animations with ToonBoom in 2015. He still uses Flipnote Studio for these tests, due to its easy-to-use nature. He also has a Deviantart account under the name "ThirdServant" that he uses for reviews and sketches. He tries to avoid stating his age or posting pictures of his face online. He also has an account on Colors Gallery under the name "Soulvian" that he occasionally uses. He is also trying to get involved in the production of an independent animated pilot for a series called "Growing Around." He currently lives somewhere in Alabama.

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