Sup, peeps?

FINALLY! The final tests are over! last weekend of the school year starts today! And I get to spend it cleaning!

I'm so bored. This is pretty much how my day has gone so far:

1) got up. 2) played 3DS. 3) ate pasta. 4) cleaned bedroom. 5) cleaned game room.

boring, huh? and too bad its over 100 degrees here. teh humidity makes it really hot. yesterday at gym, we had to go out side(it was 110 degrees from humidity), run 2 laps around a giant track, and then they expect us to run around on a blac-top for an hour. I just sat in the shade, even though I really wasn't supposed to because 1) I have weak nerves and my legs get tired VERY easily. And 2) the temperature.

So I'm kinda looking forward to no gym Monday and Tuesday.

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