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  • INegazoid

    Blog 6-30-11

    June 30, 2011 by INegazoid

    My friends left at 4 in the morning today, and I'm really tired. My Wii was sent off to be fixed, because its being stupid. So all i have to plaay on the TV is NES and N64... At least I have Flipnote.

    So yeah, quick little blog, because I didn't really do anything the past 3 days. I'll post again some other time, maybe tomorrow. Bye

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  • INegazoid

    Blog 6-23-11

    June 24, 2011 by INegazoid

    Oh poop it's already the 23rd...

    Hey, it's been a while sinc I wrote anything here. I'm like, all choked up right now because I'm watching the SpongeBob Movie and I'm at the sad part. Not much to say here...

    I'm goin bowling with my friend tomorrow, so I've got that to look forward to! HIs sister is taking us. Isn't that just sweet? :3

    Well, it's like, 9:30, and I woke up early. I'm tired. G'night.

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  • INegazoid

    Blog 6-11-11

    June 11, 2011 by INegazoid

    Sup, peeps?

    FINALLY! The final tests are over! last weekend of the school year starts today! And I get to spend it cleaning!

    I'm so bored. This is pretty much how my day has gone so far:

    1) got up. 2) played 3DS. 3) ate pasta. 4) cleaned bedroom. 5) cleaned game room.

    boring, huh? and too bad its over 100 degrees here. teh humidity makes it really hot. yesterday at gym, we had to go out side(it was 110 degrees from humidity), run 2 laps around a giant track, and then they expect us to run around on a blac-top for an hour. I just sat in the shade, even though I really wasn't supposed to because 1) I have weak nerves and my legs get tired VERY easily. And 2) the temperature.

    So I'm kinda looking forward to no gym Monday and Tuesday.

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  • INegazoid

    Blog 6-5-11

    June 5, 2011 by INegazoid

    Howdy! It's me! (No, I don't live in Texas). So yeah, I' back again today, and I've got stuff to say.(LOL that rhymes).

    I hate having a fear of loud/sudden noises because the thunder that was happening last night kept me up from 4:00 AM to 7:30 AM!! I got an hour sleep after that, but I'm gonna be tired through most of the day today.

    Finally tomorrow is the 3DS update for eShop and Internet Browser! I'm getting Flipnote Memo first thing, but I really think it sucks that it has to come out on a Monday. o-o

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  • INegazoid

    Blog 6-4-11

    June 5, 2011 by INegazoid

    Hi everyone! It's me. So, I'm gonna try to write a blog every day from now on. So, here is todays:

    WOOHOO! Saturday! Finally two days of doing nothing besides yardwork! I lead no life :D. Qwertyioup came over tonight for a sleep over. This is kinda stupid, I'm on his laptop and he's on mine.  :l That's really all I have to say about today. I will make more interesting posts on days with the 3DS update(June 6th) because I'll be able to do more stuff about Flipnote Memo and things like that. So until tomorrow(1 hour and 15 minutes), CYA!

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