I posted this night at 03:38  (Timezone: GMT +1) a new Halloween Flipnote... have a look

Just while  Hatena is thinking my Description is "unacceptable" I will display it here for all to read.

This time I had the sound before I draw the Flipnote. I made the sound-mix with Magix - Video Deluxe, 'cause I don't have a special program for mixing music. Think it's a crazy way to get what I want, but why not taking what I already have. ;)

For the sound I used a graveyard themed melody for the background, a stepping through mud sound, a door opening sound, a door closing sound, a thunderstorn noise,  a monster growl, steps on wooden floor, a bubbling water dispender and a baby's cry.

The dropping tap has been disorderd, 'cause it was to annoying... o.O

It was the first time I tried to draw what I hear. Think it's a good piece of work. Even if all my favourites got the way into this Flipnote. *blush*

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