Today I have started with a textbased project. Don't know yet, if I will illustrate this three (coherent) flips - I think it gets a special frame/border.  Thought about to make an extra Channel for such things. But I will decide it if I get ready (someday).

Recognized: text is a troublesome challenge. o.O Maybe someone has a hint how it can be made easier than character by character. Think it will take a week to finish it...

Perhaps I will make another Disney drawing - just to relax - if I get annoyed if the text isn't doing what I want it to. ;D


I am searching for someone who has a little bit of time to translate a few words from Japanese to German for me. I own a TMGC+C but I can't read anything. :'( Thx, for helping me out - in advance. :D


By the way... If you want to chat:Chat

I created a room at Meebo & named it Artist Channel. Hope you'll enjoy it.

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