The Krusty Krab Pizza
Krusty Krab Pizza
Release Date
June 2010

The Krusty Krab Pizza was a musical Flipnote released on Flipnote Hatena. It used audio from the SpongeBob episode Pizza Delivery from 1999.


Three characters, all stick figures, appear in the Flipnote.

Singing Stick Figure

The protagonist of the Flipnote, who plays SpongeBob's part and can sing in a variety of different voices.

Silent Stick Figure

The only character in the Flipnote without lines, who bears a slight resemblance to L.I.L. Vampire from TeenChat at the end of the animation.

Shrieking Stick Figure

A stick figure who appears only at the end of the Flipnote.


A stick figure plays the part of SpongeBob and sings about the Krusty Krab's pizza to another stick figure, playing Squidward.


The Flipnote has been released to YouTube. It has been posted to Sudomemo.


The Krusty Krab Pizza00:30

The Krusty Krab Pizza

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