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The ghost by theghost129-d3auq0n
The ghost (id: Theghost) is a semi-popular creator and a member of Restoring Hatena. He is known mainly for his creation of "A Hatena Carol Remastered" if not for his abilities in stick figures and stick figure animation. He currently has as old account known as "branzy." Collectively, he has over 1,000,000 stars, and 3000 fans.


Real life

Ghost has a tendency to be protective of his personal information. Although his name, age, and location are publicly secret, they have been leaked to many other people within the community. However, on his creator's description, he claims he is 10-18 years of age, and male. He seems to be quite active, and skilled in physical activities, such as official sports such as Soccer, and BMX, as well as unofficial sports such as Parkour. He also enjoys playing first person shooting games on PC.


The ghost joined Flipnote Hatena in late 2009. After eventually joining, he spent half a year as a relatively unpopular creator. Ghost achieved popular with his release of his "Hatena Heroes." Ghost used Flipnote Hatena to earn his remarkable skill in stick figures, the use of weapons and special effects. Relatively, he is considered a tad slow of posting flipnotes, averaging 1 month between posting flipnotes. A majority of his posts seem to be minor, with average of 3000 stars per flipnote. Amidst the minor flipnotes, a popular flipnote can be found, averaging 100,000 stars.

Popular Flipnotes

Here are some of the flipnotes posted by The ghost, earning 100,000 stars or above.

Hatena's Heroes

Posted on July 3rd 2010, Ghost started a short lived series known as Hatena's Heroes. This was a series intended to counteract the contrevercy involving the use of stars on Flipnote Hatena. It involves other creator's who have made entires to the series before its release. Metaphorically, stick figures combat the "evil creators" on Flipnote Hatena. A day of its spotlight in the populararity list, a creator introduced him to Restoring Hatena. Afterso, he has claimed to have waged war with "Restoring Hatena" The series was rather sidetracked afterward, with only two popular official parts to the series.

The ghost goes to work Part 1

Upon arrival of Flipnote Hatena on December 26th, it quickly attained its position on the popularity chart. This flipnote however, is not entirely original. The original audio and concept has been posted on Newgrounds and Youtube known as "Dad's at work" by Sakupen. This flipnote's cast is made up of his friends. There are intended to be two parts to this flipnote, but after almost a year of its release, it isn't expected to be released anytime soon.

A Hatena Carol

A Hatena Carol is a remastered version of Lukeguy's original A Hatena Carol flipnote. This remastered version includes quite a few more Original Characters of popular creators, and goes in-depth with an alternate view on bans and what happens to a banned creator's OC. The original and remastered versions of A Hatena Carol are both on the subject of Alexian, who genuinely thought that stealing work and reporting is what you were supposed to do. With no way to get to him, Lukeguy desperately created the original to grab Alexian's attention.

This remastered A Hatena Carol's plot should please be posted below, for I have lost my SD card (gah) and cannot look through it.

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