The following is a list of episodes in the Flipnote Hatena animated series TeenChat.

Season 1 (2011-2012)

The first season began on August 24, 2011 and ended in January-February 2012. A list of episodes in the season is currently unavailable.

Season 2 (2012)

The second season began on June 30, 2012 after a short hiatus and ended soon after in August 2012.

List of episodes

  1. What Comes Up - Kimi is sent on a journey in outer space.
  2. It's A Draw - L.I.L. is disgusted by Kimi's lack of artistic talent.
  3. Ways of the Water - L.I.L. terrorizes the town when she discovers the powers of an ancient bucket.
  4. The Buck-Tooth Loser - Tommy turns Kimi into a laughingstock using a dreaded mass-text.
  5. The U.F.O. - Phil uses his spacecraft to abduct various objects.
  6. Worst Friends 4-Ever - Angie tries to intervene when L.I.L. and Kimi are in an argument.
  7. 502 Kimis Too Many! - L.I.L. constructs a cloning machine.
  8. Dance Kimi Dance - A misconception causes Kimi to believe she is a gifted dancer.
  9. Don't Feed the Kimi - L.I.L.'s visit to the local zoo goes horribly wrong.
  10. It Went Down in Flames - A freak cooking accident leaves Chatifornia in flames.
  11. Around the World - Tommy, Shoe and friends travel Earth on a miniature boat.
  12. Dancing with the Stooges - Tommy wins the Skool Talent Show.
  13. Out of This World - L.I.L. recognizes several of her friends on a strange television show.
  14. Whale of a Trip - Tommy and Shoe accidentally cause the Skool Bus to drive onto the town beach and into the ocean.
  15. City Life - L.I.L. wonders what it would be like to live in the city rather than in the suburbs.
  16. Precious Memories - A magical, animated storybook features the TeenChat characters.
  17. Have Yourself A Dweeby Little Christmas - Kimi celebrates Christmas in July, driving L.I.L. and Tommy into a rage.
  18. Mr. Wiggleplix - The cast speaks in various cartoon character voices.
  19. The Pigtail Squad - Tommy and Kimi are kidnapped by Phil, who is later challenged by Shoe.

Season 3 (2012-2013)

The third season began in August 2012 and ended unofficially on May 31, 2013 with the close of Flipnote Hatena. Several episodes were supposedly left unaired.

List of episodes

  1. Kimi's Room - A commercial advertising videotapes starring L.I.L. and Kimi as puppets.
  2. Kimi-Volution - Animation techniques demonstrated by the cast.
  3. PHIL! - Phil is transferred to Chatter High Skool.
  4. All Kimied Up - L.I.L., Tommy, Shoe and Angie become annoyed with Kimi's ignorance.
  5. The Science Affairs - Tommy and Shoe refuse to show interest in any science project other than the Makeover Machine.
  6. Hypno A Go-Go - L.I.L. buys a watch formerly owned by a hypnotist that causes Kimi to see Tommy everywhere.
  7. Tommy the Spy - Tommy notes Shoe displaying odd behavior and decides to spy on him as he journeys to a secret lodge.
  8. Welcome to Paradise - Kimi discovers a field of wonders behind the Skool parking lot.
  9. See Kimi Run - Shoe wants to become a film director.
  10. Shoe's Whimsical World of Wonders - Shoe daydreams of a perfect society in Mr. BigNose's class.
  11. Night of the Living Kimi - Tommy tells of an old Halloween legend.
  12. Haunted Dweebs - Tommy and Angie are cursed and become ghosts in the second Halloween-themed Flipnote.
  13. I Enrage BigNose - Mr. BigNose becomes enfuriated with his class's behavior.
  14. Rest in Kim - Kimi pulls the ultimate prank, faking death, but this joke gets out of hand quickly.
  15. Love that Kim - Tommy falls in love with Kimi after she changes her hairstyle.
  16. The Angie Plot - Angie enlists other Skool students to help her force L.I.L. to join her gang.
  17. A Teen's Work - A music video starring various animations.
  18. Pool Party - Phil attempts to stay at Tommy's pool party without getting wet.
  19. Crossing My Guard - Mr. BigNose spots Tommy in the middle of the street and questions his stupidity. This episode combines animation and photographs.

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