The following is a list of characters in the Flipnote Hatena animated series TeenChat.

Main characters

L.I.L. Vampire

Main article: L.I.L. Vampire

With a triangular head and two fangs, L.I.L. may look creepy, but she's actually a nice person. She stands out in the crowd, but it could just be because of her triangular head.

Kimi Doofus

Main article: Kimi Doofus

Kimi is the carefree best friend of L.I.L. with good intentions and less-than-good looks. Kimi has an unpredictable personality that has earned her a reputation for being undeniably odd. She is also good friends with Tommy and Shoe.


Main article: Tommy

Tommy may not be the star of the show, but he's the star of his movies and the star of his world. Of course, everyone he meets is just a bit tired of his obsession with "the unmatched greatness of Tommy." Hopefully, he will one day realize that he is not the only person who wants to become famous.

Shoe Chatter

Main article: Shoe Chatter

Shoe is Tommy's best friend. He makes sure to tell Tommy how wonderful his horrible movies are (although it may be "lying" on most occasions). Although he may not always show it, Shoe is a gifted and talented writer. He tries not to brag about it.

Supporting characters


Main article: Phil

Phil is a robot from some distant planet who has recently arrived on Earth. In case you haven't already guessed, he is an outcast. If you want more details, he has no friends. On the other hand, he does have enemies! Tommy and Shoe are Phil's worst foes, and vice versa.

Mr. BigNose

Main article: Mr. BigNose

Mr. BigNose is L.I.L. and Kimi's schoolteacher. He is a master of interrogation, and can get any student to admit they don't have their homework. That takes determination and effort! If only he could use that same willpower to make his lessons at least somewhat interesting...


A blonde-haired, floating face who debuted in the series' pilot episode. She is known for being too talkative.

Skool Kids

Various background characters, normally depicted as featureless, floating faces, added to fill up space.

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