Tee Kiwi (T-Kiwi)
Tee Kiwi Birdie BAI Character Flipnote Hatena Studio Icon
Tee Kiwi, as seen in "Holly Jolly BAI"
Full Name
Tee Kiwi
Treetop Town
None known

Tee Kiwi (also spelt T-Kiwi) is the main villain in the Flipnote Hatena series, Birdie BAI. He is a neon green-coloured flightless bird with a constant smirk on his face.


Tee Kiwi is normally unhappy. He greatly dislikes the cheerful Bai and pessimistic Mr. O. Tee Kiwi attends the Treetop High School along with Bai, leading to comedic arguments on a regular basis.


Tee Kiwi has neon green feathers and always wears a purple tee-shirt (with the letter "T" on it) along with a pair of blue shorts. He has two orange feet. Tee Kiwi's beak is very long (due to the fact that he is a kiwi).


Tee Kiwi appears in several episodes of Birdie BAI. His first appearance was in "A Birdie Bully" and his last was in "Holly Jolly BAI."

He is scheduled to return on Flipnote Gallery: World.

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