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SmashX5000 was a creator on Flipnote Hatena. He won several contests, and saw success with his Yoshi VS series. He has 800,000 views, over 700,000 gold stars, and over 9,600 fans. He took a year-long break from animating that ended in March 2013.


SmashX5000 was one of the first American users, joining the day the app became available in August 2009. His first Flipnotes were fairly simple and often Animal Crossing related, or animated versions of comics he had drawn previously. In January 2010, he made his first attempt at a series with Animal City, an Animal Crossing cartoon set in New York. The series improved in quality over the course of 14 episodes and started including characters from other video game series. Two other attempts at a series, "The Rise of Nook" and "Sonic Boom," both lasted for a short period of time.

He got his first taste of actual success with the short "Brotherly Love" , which got over 200k views and almost 100k gold stars in a matter of days. After sticking with other short, random Flipnotes for a while, he started trying series again, with a continuation of Animal City, an animated version of his (now-gone) "Vacation Gone Wrong" comic, and Yoshi VS. Unlike the first two! however, Yoshi VS became decently popular compared to his other works. He continued with more random Flipnotes along with Yoshi VS from then until his break in early 2012.


  • Animal City: A series that followed the lives of the humans Drake and PC in New York, if New York was inhabited by the animals of Animal Crossing. Mostly random events in their lives, but some shorts included a story involving a criminal named Niko Neltic, The series ran from January 2010 to January 2011, though a remake as a comic has been mentioned.
  • Yoshi VS: Yoshi fights against various opponents, most of which being inanimate objects. This series parodies Yoshi's lack of attacks in Super Mario 64 DS by having him lose and get knocked out in fights that either aren't real fights or should be easy victories for him. Unique in that fans suggest the opponents in the comments section, and SmashX5000 picks his favorite suggestions to use, crediting the person who suggested it each time. The series is on hiatus, starting December 2010 and having it's most recent short, Brido VS Lakitu, in May 2012. A new entry, Yoshi VS Koopa Shell, is in the works.
  • Kayla the Klutz: Random shorts involving a clumsy girl struggling with mundane tasks, like catching the bus or getting an apple. A third short is in the works.
  • Nintendo Contests: In the Make a Mario Flipnote contest, SmashX5000 placed in the top 12 US winners. In the Make a Zelda Flipnote contest, he placed in the top 15 US winners.

All of his flipnotes can be found here.

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