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Cancelled Sheldon And Mr.Randoms 14
Sheldon, as seen in the cancelled episode "The Sheldon Show"
Full Name
Sheldon S. Stickly

Sheldon S. Stickly is the protagonist and a title character of Sheldon & Mr. Randoms, a long-running Flipnote series created by Anthony Capodieci.


Sheldon is the central character of the show. At a first glance, he appears to be an average stick figure with a unibrow. He is somewhat pessimistic, and displays this through his always-unsatisfied attitude. Sheldon despises the annoying Mr. Randoms, whose "randomness" is the only force standing between Sheldon and a peaceful, enjoyable day spent reading novels.


Sheldon is animated using solely a black color. His body is made of line segments, and his head is an imperfect circle. His eyes are small and his mouth is large. He is occasionally shown with a bucktooth, similarly to Mr. Randoms, though this trait disappears in most episodes. Rather than having a pair of two eyebrows, a unibrow is drawn across his forehead. It is referred to as a "Monobrow."


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