This is a list of transcripts for the episodes of Sheldon & Mr. Randoms from the first season.


(We see Sheldon standing for a few seconds until Mr. Randoms appears.) Mr. Randoms: TA-DAAAAHAHAHAAEA! (Sheldon appears more upset.) Sheldon: Hmm?! (Sheldon turns around to Mr. Randoms.) Sheldon: What is it?!

(Mr. Randoms's eyes start rolling. Sheldon stares at him.)

Sheldon: Are you OK?

(Sheldon's hand turns into a "K".)

Mr. Randoms: (whispering) (yelling:) IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY!!!!

(Mr. Randoms pulls out a present.)

Sheldon: Well, uh--

(Mr. Randoms is holding a jar of pickles.)

Mr. Randoms: Pickles!!

(A slight pause. Then for a second, a subtitle that says "Flipnote will start again in:" with 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, and .5 appear, each per frame. Another slight pause. We cut to Sheldon who is staring at him disgustingly.)

Sheldon: (spiritless:) Gee, thanks.

(The present flies and Sheldon grabs it. It explodes while a floating Justin Bieber head starts singing "Baby" to Sheldon's horror.)


Sheldon: (head starts to deflate like a baloon) AAAAAAAAHHH!!!!

(The episode ends with a still image of a blushing Mr. Randoms by Sheldon's headless body and the JB head with a subtitle that says "END".)


(We see Mr. Randoms wearing a baseball hat watching a baseball game. Sheldon arrives with a baseball hat and, to his disgust, he finds Mr. Radoms is next to him.)

Sheldon: You have to be kidding me.

(Sheldon sits down with Mr. Randoms staring at him.)

Mr. Randoms: YEEEEEE!

Sheldon: Uhh, Mr. Randoms?

Mr. Randoms: Hey, Sheldon, what brings you here?

(Sheldon, surprised, undergoes a memory with him standing by a mailbox with "Sheldon" written on it, whit him holding tickets.)

Sheldon: What are these tickets doing in my mailbox?

(Back to reality.)

Sheldon: Oh, no wonder!

(Sheldon tries to watch the game.)

Sheldon: I'm starving.

Mr. Randoms: I have a bread crumb for us to share!

(A slight pause, then Sheldon stares at Mr. Randoms questioningly.)

Sheldon: A bread crumb?

(Sheldon, dumbfounded, and Mr. Randoms, excited, stares at the game.)

Announcer: Now baseball goes to the only people here! Well, what are you waiting for, you two? (Sheldon screams and Mr. Random squeals) CATCH THAT BALL!!!

Sheldon: All right, Mr. Randoms. Get--

(Mr. Randoms grabs Sheldon and throws him in the sky.)

Mr. Randoms: GERONIMO!!

(We see Sheldon flying in the sky.)


(In outer space, we see the Earth and the Sun. Sheldon flies towards the Sun.)


(Sheldon runs into the sun.)

Sheldon: Ouch.

(The episode ends with a delighted Mr. Randoms with the ball jammed up his left eye and Sheldon, who is burned to a crisp with the subtitle that says "END.")

With A Toothbrush?

Not available at the time.

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