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''Sheldon & Mr. Randoms''
Anthony Wiki Picture is really cool
The main characters and creator Anthony
November 8, 2010 (Flipnote Hatena)
December 9, 2014/January 13, 2015 (Sudomemo)
Series finale
May 29, 2013 (Flipnote Hatena)
Season count
Episode count
Flipnote Hatena

Sheldon & Mr. Randoms is a series created by Anthony Capodieci. It premiered on November 8, 2010. The series' title characters appear in 39 animated flipnotes by Anthony in total, 30 of which are considered episodes of the series itself.


Main article: List of Sheldon & Mr. Randoms characters

List of episodes

Main article: List of Sheldon & Mr. Randoms episodes

Sheldon & Mr. Randoms: Road to 3D

Main article: Sheldon & Mr. Randoms: Road to 3D

A scheduled spin-off on the series was planned in 2013.

Sheldon & Mr. Randoms Play the Piano

Main article: Sheldon & Mr. Randoms Play the Piano

A live-action video released to YouTube starring Sheldon Stickly, Mr. Randoms and Tooth.


Main article: Sheldon & Mr. Randoms (season 1)/Transcripts


  • While testing to improve lip syncing, Anthony made a flipnote about two stick figures, and those two stick figures would become Sheldon & Mr. Randoms
  • The Sheldon & Mr. Randoms Flipnote with the most stars, views, and downloads is With A Toothbrush?
  • Bowser's Restaurant is the Flipnote that has the most stars, views, and downloads that features the characters of Sheldon & Mr. Randoms, but is not apart of the official series.
  • Scary Face and Easter Bunny, supporting characters in Sheldon & Mr. Randoms, originally appeared in Flipnotes other than episodes of the series.
  • Sheldon & Mr. Randoms episodes were animated on a burgundy-colored Nintendo DSi XL.
  • All episodes of the show were locked, with the exception of Sheldon Is 2012?!, Sheldon's Weakness, and Rock is Sheldon.
  • The show was recently revived on January 13, 2015 for Sudomemo, starting its fourth season[1].

Official Artwork


  1. (Anthony, "Here Eye Ham", Sudomemo), January 13, 2015

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