Settings title
In the settings menu you can change the behavior of Flipnote Studio. There are four pages which different settings to change.

Page 1

Settings page1

Settings Page 1

  1. Your selected user name
  2. Your console's Flipnote Studio ID
  3. Your date of birth

Page 2

Settings page2

Settings Page 2

  1. The number of pages to trace with Lightbox
  2. Enable or disable sound effects while drawing
  3. Choose whether or not Flipnote Studio should start with the calendar page

Page 3

Settings page3

Settings Page 3

  1. If you are right or left handed
  2. If you like to enable the advanced tools
  3. If you like to see the frog on the drawing display for access to the main menu

Page 4

  • Backup Data - Store all Flipnotes from the system memory on the SD Card
  • Erase Data]] - Erase all Flipnotes from the console's system memory
  • Flipnote Friends - Manage your "Flipnote Friends"
  • Sample Flipnotes - Copy several sample Flipnotes to your console's system memory

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