Scribbl£r (formerly Justin)
Hatena ID
September 2009
Posted Flipnotes

Scribbler (stylized as Scribbl£r) is a creator on Flipnote Hatena. Though he has not been really active in the past year, he's gained over 30,000 fans. He is best known for his comedic flips.


Scribbler (real name, Justin) was born in February 1997 and lives in California. He began making drawings when he was 6 years old. In September 2009, a month after Flipnote Hatena was releaded, he created an account called "Justin" (later renamed "Scribbl£r"). During this time, he drew simple stick figures. Later, he created a character called "Filly." Over time, his drawings improved. During the summer and fall, he created the comedic "Pickle Flips" (which featured pickle characters). During that time, he also created the Scribbler character. His first major appearance was in the animation "Get a Girl." By the fall, he had 1,000 fans. In the meantime, Scribbler created the Mail series. In January 2011, he achieved 10,000 fans. By April, it doubled to 20,000 fans, and was 31,357 fans at the close of Hatena.

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