The following is a list of episodes in the Sudomemo animated series Pseudo & Memo.

Aired (April 2014-June 2014)

  • Pseudo & Memo: A music video featuring early versions of Pseudo and Memo.
  • Foolish Showers: Mr. Sudofox debuts, telling Pseudo and Memo that "April showers bring May flowers" is a simple myth.
  • Note to Self (Pilot): After forgetting Pseudo's birthday, Memo resorts to writing everything down on his arm, so that he will not forget anything.
  • To DerpLand We Go!: Mr. Sudofox sends Pseudo and Memo on a quest to "DerpLand" in order to get some time away from them.
  • Finding Memo: Memo goes missing, and it is up to Pseudo and Mak to find him.
  • Mak Makes a Flipnoet: Mak decides to start selling "Flipnoet" art in order to earn money, but his items become highly-valuable collectibles.
  • The Good Foolish Name: Mr. Sudofox realizes that his careless employees, Pseudo and Memo, are ruining the SudoFactory's good name.
  • Mr. Sudofox and Friends: In an effort to raise the amount of money in their monthly paychecks, Pseudo and Memo befriend Mr. Sudofox.
  • The Quest for Pseudo (Part 1): A fortune teller, played by Mak, tells Pseudo that his life is meaningless unless he "finds his true self."
  • The Quest for Pseudo (Part 2): Pseudo journeys to Dweebstikor Kounty (based on the planet in Chasing Rainbows) to find who he really is.
  • Mr. Sudofox Finds Love: Pseudo and Memo set Mr. Sudofox up on a real date after discovering his only true love is his coffee maker.
  • Better Left Unnamed (Collab with Lame Duck): Mr. Sudofox hires a new employee who wreaks havoc on the SudoFactory.
  • Friends! Beautiful Friends!: Pseudo and Memo discover a map of the SudoFactory and meet jailed past employees in the SudoBasement, who are actually using them to escape.



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