The following is a list of characters in the Sudomemo animated series Pseudo & Memo.

Main characters


Pseudo is the central character of the show. Somewhat of an antihero, he's not the best role model and doesn't show much compassion for his friends Memo and Mak. He has worked at Mr. Sudofox's SudoFactory for seventeen years, hoping to someday find a respectable job, but this is yet to happen.


Memo is an anthropomorphic sheet of paper who acts as the series' deuteragonist and Pseudo's more likable sidekick. He has many odd hobbies, such as breakdancing, creating SpeedPaints and coming up with humorous jokes about his employer, Mr. Sudofox.

Mr. Sudofox

Mr. Sudofox is the occasional antagonist of the series, as well as Pseudo and Memo's strict boss. He's unsatisfied with how he's ended up in life and fires employees daily. It gives him a feeling of power and authority...which Pseudo and Memo refuse to see in him.


Mak Flipnoet is a supporting character in the show. He appears often as a tritagonist, joining Pseudo and Memo on their infamous misadventures across Z-Town.


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