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Pseudo & Memo
PSEUDO & MEMO - Pseudonymous Clayblob Flipnote Hatena
April 2014
Series finale
July 2014
PseudoMemo (&MPERS&ND)
Season count
Episode count
10 (aired)
11 (in total)

Pseudo & Memo is a Sudomemo-exclusive Flipnote series created by the user PseudoMemo (formerly &MPERS&ND on Flipnote Hatena). All episodes were posted in the section "Flipnote Series," but the series ended abruptly in mid-2014. One multi-part episode was never completely released. The series has a spotlight on FS@W.


Main article: List of Pseudo & Memo characters


Main article: List of Pseudo & Memo episodes

Most of the original "Pseudo & Memo" episodes have been deleted as of 2015, but nearly every one has been spun-off. These versions are currently available in various categories. A list of episodes is available here.


Main article: The Pseudo & Memo Movie

The series' cancellation is not official, due to the fact that one Pseudo & Memo Flipnote was never released. This finale, according to FS@W, was to be titled "The Pseudo & Memo Movie". It was reportedly the longest Pseudo & Memo ever made. The FS@W site claimed in 2014 that the finale would be released on May 4, 2015, but the Flipnote was never posted.


Creator PseudoMemo stated that the reason for the series' cancellation was its popularity. On his final Flipnote, he commented "I loved making Pseudo & Memo for you guys, but I don't think it's fair for people in the future to discover these Flips and wonder why they stopped." After getting a variety of responses, his last comment was "I might make a Pseudo & Memo finale for the new Flipnote Hatena 3D" (meaning Flipnote Gallery: World). Rumour has it that most Pseudo & Memo episodes have been downloaded and will be re-released onto FG:W.

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