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PSEUDO & MEMO - Pseudonymous Clayblob Flipnote Hatena
Full Name
Pseudonymous Clayblob

Pseudonymous "Pseudo" Clayblob is the protagonist of Pseudo & Memo, a Flipnote series that aired on Sudomemo.


Pseudo is the central character of the show. Somewhat of an antihero, he's not the best role model and doesn't show much compassion for his friends Memo and Mak. He has worked at Mr. Sudofox's SudoFactory for seventeen years, hoping to someday find a respectable job, but this is yet to happen.


Pseudo appears in every episode of the series. He debuted in the pilot. His final appearance in an aired episode was in "Friends! Beautiful Friends!" (the final aired Flipnote), though he is scheduled to appear in the unaired series finale The Pseudo & Memo Movie.

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