Tools frame

Page Tools

Tools frame secondary

Page Tools (with pressed L-Button)

On the page tools screen you can edit the pages of your Flipnote.

  1. Here you see the sequence of pages in your Flipnote and the current selected page.
  2. Erase a page.
  3. Insert an empty new page.
  4. Copy the current page into the clipboard.
  5. Paste the current page or layer from the clipboard over the current selected page.
  6. Go back to the toolbox menu.

Functions with Pressed L-Button

  1. Cut a single layer from the current selected page and put in in the clipboard.
  2. Copy a single layer from the current selected page and put it in the clipboard.
  3. Merge the contents of the clipboard with the current selected page. This can be a single layer or both layer. Depending on the contents of the clipboard.

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