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NinjaGal's fursona, Rachel, who was most known for her ninja star necklace

NinjaGal13 was an active animator in Flipnote Hatena, who used her several furry OC's in her AMV's and AV's.

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A few more of her OC's (left to right) Jonathan, Buttercup, Rachel, Emily, Scar

Rocketeer MV Flipnote00:34

Rocketeer MV Flipnote

One of her most popular flipnotes

Some Trivia

  • NinjaGal once hosted an icon contest and got around 40 entries
  • She attempted to start 2 different series (Purity and Realms), but failed to keep her dedication
  • She also received about 15 RP responses when she posted a starter flipnote
  • One of her flipnotes landed at #46 in the most popular list
  • She currently identifies as PeanutBunnyCups, with all of her OC's completely changed

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