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Nacho's current Icon, made by Roxgin.

Nacho id:Nacho-TheGuy posted his first flipnote on July 13, 2011. He, like many other creators, is trying to bring original flipnotes to Hatena.

Personal Life

Nacho has a name, that is in fact, a boy name, he is between the ages of 1 and 1,000, and he lives on earth. He has hair that is a color, and skin that is a shade.


Nacho's flipnotes are original, and are voiced by him, most of the time. His flipnotes include topics such as: Parodies of things that annoy him, random comedic flipnotes, music written and played by him on his guitar, among other things.

He uses clean lines and at times, sketchy backgrounds as well.


Nacho, like others on Hatena, uses Pokemon for his characters. He uses his Kecleon character, Clyde, to represent himself.






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