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Mr. Sudofox
PSEUDO & MEMO - Mr. Sudofox Sudomemo Austin Burk
Full Name
Mister Sudofox

Mr. Sudofox is the main antagonist of Pseudo & Memo, a Flipnote series that aired on Sudomemo.


Mr. Sudofox is the occasional antagonist of the series, as well as Pseudo and Memo's strict boss. He's unsatisfied with how he's ended up in life and fires employees daily. It gives him a feeling of power and authority...which Pseudo and Memo refuse to see in him. Mr. Sudofox's personality was revealed not to be based on that of Austin "Sudofox" Burk, a hacker and the creator of Sudomemo.


Mr. Sudofox appears in many episodes of the series. He debuted in the episode "Foolish Showers." His final appearance in an aired episode was in "Mr. Sudofox Finds Love," though he is scheduled to appear in the unaired series finale The Pseudo & Memo Movie.

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