Mr. Randoms Adventure
Flipnote Hatena Sheldon & Mr. Randoms Adventure Game
Single-player online game
Release Date
May 5, 2012

Mr. Randoms Adventure is an online game based on the animated Flipnote Hatena series Sheldon & Mr. Randoms released to the Sploder! website.

Characters Present




Players must guide Mr. Randoms through five different stages, while collecting coins and avoiding traps, in order to save Sheldon Stickly from Scary Face.


The evil Scary Face Army has captured Sheldon, and it's up to Mr. Randoms (the "super random stick figure guy") to save him. Guide Mr. Randoms across five challenging levels to rescue Sheldon, but make sure you collect all of the coins and avoid the spike traps.

Additional Information

  • This is the only currently-existent Sploder! video game based on a Flipnote Hatena series. A game based on TeenChat was released to the site in 2012, but was removed in mid-2013.
  • The game was Anthony Capodieci's first Sploder! project. He has only released three games.
  • Tags on the game include "Sheldon," "MrRandoms," "Scary" and "Face."
  • Mr. Randoms Adventure was a featured game on It was moved to the site's Google Sites domain later on.