Mr. O
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Mr. O, as seen in "Surprise"
Full Name
Mr. O'Strich
Treetop Town

Mr. O (full name Mr. O'Strich) is a naïve ostrich from the Flipnote Hatena series, Birdie BAI. He is Bai's best friend and next-door neighbour in Treetop Town.


Mr. O tends to look on the negative side of things, as proven in episodes such as "A Birdie Bully." He is very intelligent, yet lacks common sense - allowing for Bai to help him out whenever social skills are necessary. Mr. O has been described as a "nerdy geek-bird" by his enemy Tee Kiwi.


Mr. O's design is more complex than Bai's. He always wears a blue-coloured suit, topped off with a black necktie. He wears a pair of grey pants, but does not wear shoes. Mr. O's neck is quite long, making him the tallest member of the BB cast. He wears clear glasses and has a pink beak.


Mr. O appears in most episodes of Birdie BAI. His first appearance was in "Birdie's Halloween" and his last was in "Surprise."

He is scheduled to return on Flipnote Gallery: World.

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