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McBoo (id:Epik)
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May 1, 2010

McBoo was a Canadian creator on Flipnote Hatena who joined in 2010. His Flipnotes focused on comedy. He left Flipnote Hatena on March 30, 2013, due to the announcement of the website shutting down in May of the same year.


McBoo joined Flipnote Hatena with hopes of learning the basics of animating. He started out drawing stick figures in the best way he could, but he soon learned some new animation techniques from watching others' Flipnotes, after a friend from school showed them to him. He was soon able to copy other creators' animation almost exactly, but ended up revamping his style into his own in the process. He still uses stick figures as his personal characters. He now uses actual cartoons as reference to help shape his style even more.

McBoo decided that he wanted to get his Flipnotes known, and started making animations that he thought users would be looking for in the "Most Popular" section. Since Flipnote Hatena is a small community, McBoo's animations were noticed in time, and he gained fans, as well as becoming friends with some of his favorite creators, such as Anthony, K66Gunso and others.

McBoo's Former Icon

McBoo's Old Icon in 2011

In late 2011, McBoo posted The Ashleigh Collection 3, making it the last Flipnote on his DSi (since his L button stopped working all together, after over a year of fixing it). McBoo then bought himself a DSi XL and posted his first Flipnote in late December. Although he has been using that account for over a year now, his old Flipnotes are still available. On March 30, 2013, McBoo posted his last Flipnote, entitled Flipnote Finale.



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