The following is a list of characters from the animated Flipnote Hatena series, Sheldon & Mr. Randoms.

Main characters


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Sheldon (voiced by Anthony Capodieci) is a normal stick figure. He enjoys TV, magazines, and reading. He is always annoyed by Mr. Randoms. He first appeared in BIRTHDAY.

Mr. Randoms

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Mr. Randoms (voiced by Anthony Capodieci) is an insane stick figure with a huge, living bucktooth. It is possible that his bucktooth is inspired by the TeenChat Flipnote character Kimi's tooth.


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Tooth (voiced by Anthony Capodieci) is Mr. Randoms' speaking, living bucktooth. He first appeared along with Mr. Randoms in Birthday and first spoke in Sheldon is 2012?!?

Scary Face

A random face with evil laugh (voiced by Anthony Capodieci), first appearing in Sheldon Balloon.

Recurring characters




  • Moon (voiced by Anthony Capodieci) is Earth's moon, first appearing in Cheese Magnet.


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  • Anthony (voiced by himself) is the creator of the show. He commonly appears on the cover of Sheldon's books. He first appeared in Invisible Wall (on a book cover) and as an animate character in We Have Great Hair!


  • TV (voiced by Anthony Capodieci) is a talking television set first appearing in Is That Too Much To Ask For?!

TV Remote

  • The TV remote (voiced by Anthony Capodieci) is a television "clicker" first appearing in Lots'a TV!

Easter Bunny

  • The Easter Bunny (voiced by Anthony Capodieci) is a holiday character debuting in Lots'a TV!

Business Guy

  • Business Guy (voiced by Anthony Capodieci and formerly known as Random Businessman) is a businessman that first appeared in one of Anthony's updates where he stated he was looking for a job. He appeared again in Anthony's flipnotes "How Will My Job Go", and randomly appears in the newer Sheldon & Mr. Randoms episodes (first in That Random Gumball).

Minor and Guest characters