Kimi Doofus
Flipnote Studio Hatena TeenChat with Lil and Kimi Rock
Full Name
Kimothy "Kimi" Doofus

Kimi Doofus is the deuteragonist of TeenChat, a long-running Flipnote series.


Kimi is good-natured and tries to make everyone happy. She is an imaginative and frenetic character who’s a bit tightly wound. She thinks, speaks, acts, and reacts quickly. Kim is always ready to help her friends as they explore the horrors of teen-hood. Kimi may not be the most agile or graceful of the friends, but she's enthusiastic and determined.


Kimi did not appear in the TeenChat pilot episode. She debuted in the second episode of the first season. She appears in many episodes of the series, though is not shown in every TeenChat Flipnote.


  • JT has drawn a rendition of Kimi during a Sudomemo chat (along with other Flipnote characters).
  • Kimi's name appears in more TeenChat episode titles than any other character's.

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