Karli was a Flipnote creator who first joined Flipnote Hatena in late 2011. Her best friends on the service were NowhereCat and Zoola. She was best known for her Numa Numa Yay animation she uploaded in March 2012. The Flipnote, which included characters from The Unfindables, received nearly 10,000 stars.


Karli is a young, teenaged girl who spends her time drawing various original characters. She uses a variety of music styles in her Flipnotes, such as heavy metal tunes.



Karli started out in 2011 with the username RedShaymin and mostly posted Flipnotes based on television series. She eventually stopped making Flipnotes of this style and moved on to longer, musical animations.


In 2012, Karli changed her Hatena username to a stylized version on Shadouge and posted a valentines day Flipnote with the couple. About a month later she made her most popular Flipnote, her Numa Numa Yay animation. She eventually created her original character, Kate (known as "Kate TH"). She held a "birthday contest" around the time of her birthday, which received two Flipnote entries. After that, she rarely posted Flipnotes to the Hatena service.


Karli continued to draw Flipnotes during the year of 2013. When she discovered that Flipnote Hatena was going to shut down, she was devastated. When it ended, she eventually ended up with an art style similar to the user Aurora&Co's. Karli even animated a tribute to the user, saying that she was an inspiration to her and that she missed Aurora&Co very much.


Not in order

2011 friends


DevilCandy was one of Karli's first friends. Karli enjoyed drawing a variety of different Flipnotes for her. They soon became close friends. Eventually, DevilCandy left and didn't come back.


Karla, whose name was coincidentally similar to Karli's, was also one of Karli's first friends. They met when Karli commented on a Flipnote, but were later separated due to a lack of wireless connection.

2012 friends

  • NowhereCat
  • DoctorWhooves
  • Ranma
  • Fleesveon
  • Heartless
  • Tabzy

2013 friends

  • RandomCat
  • Daizia Voo

Original Characters

  • Kate TH
  • Liz the Cat
  • Rainbow the Bat (cancelled in 2013)
  • Shade the Unicorn (cancelled in 2013)

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