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The following is a list of episodes in the Flipnote Hatena/Sudomemo animated series JT.

Season 1 (2011-2013)

The first season consisted of 204 Flipnotes. It ended in May 2013. Click here for more information.

Season 2 (2013-present)

  • 100 Fans! - TJ is annoyed when JT celebrates his 100th fan on Sudomemo.
  • 21 - The Schoolteacher realizes that every time he asks his students what 9+10 is, they answer 21. In this weird accented voice, too.
  • Am I Wrong? - A mighty music video starring JT (of course).
  • Amazing Stick - A stick figure finds his way through a maze in JT's most popular Flipnote from Hatena.
  • B-Day - A short animation uploaded on JT's birthday!
  • Before Forehead - This Flipnote stars two angry stick figures and features audio from SpongeBob!
  • Blurred Lines - A short music video starring yours truly, JT.
  • Brick & The Baby Tree - Brick remembers a dream he had about babies growing on trees.
  • Brick Football - Brick wants to play football with JT, but JT doesn't know how to play!
  • Brick Loves Lamp - Brick stars in a music video showcasing his relationship with Lamp!
  • Brick's Shadow - Brick thinks he's constantly being followed by a man named Leon...but it's just his shadow!
  • Cliff Push - A comedic short featuring audio from The LEGO Movie!
  • Dramatic Note - JT's life becomes dramatic!
  • Musical Battle - Can JT get the last word in when he sings against another Flipnote Artist?
  • Forget Something? - JT forgets to eat breakfast while TJ falls from the sky!
  • Go, Brain, Go! - JT's brain is bored with a friend's long story.
  • Good Feeling MV - Watching this music video will give you a good feeling.
  • Goodbye for Now? - JT waves goodbye to his friends, just in case Sudomemo closes down.
  • Headkeeping - A music video about keeping your head up!
  • Hear a Classic - Another classic Hatena music video by JT!
  • Hot or Not - JT's Flipnote is in the "Hot Flipnotes" section! Oops, it's gone.
  • How to Cook - If you want to learn how to cook, this step-by-step guide is definitely not something you want to watch.
  • I Dream of Brick - JT's pet interrupts his dream about summer!
  • Icontest - JT announces an all-new icon contest!
  • JT News - TJ isn't satisfied with JT's antics on the set of a news show.
  • JT's Toy Bin - An alternate ending to a movie about toys.
  • Knock Knock! - School is knocking at JT's door!
  • Legit Long Day - An odd animation starring a stick figure.
  • Merry Thanksgiving - Merry Thanksgiving to all, and to all a good feast!
  • Modern Preschool - It's storytime in this original Flipnote starring a classroom of stick figures.
  • Mr. Krabs! - Is JT a fan of SpongeBob's stingy boss Mr. Krabs?
  • Must Be the Jelly - A collaboration starring JT and a friend, whose bones have turned to jelly!
  • My Favorite! - JT reuploads his favorite old music video.
  • Office Love - Brick expresses his love for various items around JT's office.
  • Pencil Power - Sometimes, it's not okay to forget your pencil in school.
  • Pi or Pie - Another classroom comedy by JT!
  • Q&A with JT - A quiz that'll give you some knowledge about the creator of the show!
  • Quick! Yell "Brick!" - While sitting with JT and TJ at lunch, Brick decides to make "Loud Noises!"
  • Read This Update - An important Flipnote by JT giving contact info and more.
  • Reading - Kids these days aren't as educated as we think they are.
  • Sail - JT's ship sinks while singing the song Sail.
  • Say It With Me - Cooper wants JT and his friend Brick to repeat random noises after him!
  • Scream! - A man is annoyed with strange noises.
  • Seafood Diet - Could there be a more awkward conversation than this one?
  • Sky Full of Stars - JT' is a Flipnote star, and here's a music video that'll prove it!
  • Skyfall - It's like the sky fell on JT!
  • Snowballs - A stick figure doesn't want to help a little kid build a snowman.
  • Stereo Hearts - No need for a stereo, just use your DSi to watch this musical episode!
  • Surely Serious - JT doesn't know that Halloween was on a Friday!
  • The Most Annoying Sound in the World - TJ can't stand JT making so much noise!
  • Timber! - Sometimes, songs' literal meanings aren't very pretty.
  • TJ the Nerd - JT calls TJ a nerd. And he's telling the truth!
  • TJ's Undivided Attention - JT can't handle TJ's attention!
  • Toilet Store - Brick tries to insult JT, but his comments aren't very clever.
  • Unbeatable - JT thinks he can't be defeated...well, unless it's by a giant explosion, in which case it's definitely possible!
  • WAT - Randomness with a pair of stick figures!
  • Woot Woot! - An old music video starring JT and the Music Video Stars.
  • Wumbology - Have you not heard of Wumbology, the study of Wumbo?

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