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An icon for the series created by Tree Frog
Series finale
June 6, 2015 (unofficial)
January 16, 2016 (official)
Season count
Episode count

This article is about the series. For the creator of the same name, click here.

JT is a series of Flipnotes that began on Flipnote Hatena and continued on Sudomemo. It was created by the animator of the same name.

The last Flipnote in the JT series was announced in January 2015 and finally uploaded after a five-month hiatus on June 6, 2015. Although this is considered the last episode, a space-themed animation was uploaded by the user JT six months later on January 16, 2016. This Flipnote officially ended the series.


The series revolves around a friendly, teenaged stick figure named JT, as well as his friends and enemies. The series' genre varies from comedy animations to music videos, similar to the format of TeenChat Flipnotes.


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  • JT has drawn two other original characters in Sudomemo chatrooms: Bai (from Birdie BAI) and Kimi (from TeenChat).
  • The self-proclaimed biggest fan of JT, Tree Frog, submitted an entry for JT's 2014 icon contest as his final Flipnote on Sudomemo before disappearing completely. It has been speculated that this is somehow linked to JT's cancellation and the removal of the icon contest Flipnotes by JT himself.

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