I Can Walk on Water
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Release Date
Unknown (2011)

I Can Walk on Water was a popular Flipnote released on Flipnote Hatena. It uses the song I Can Walk on Water by Basshunter.


Stick Figure

The hero of the Flipnote is an unnamed stick figure with the qualities of a charismatic, skilled warrior. He has the ability to walk on water and fly. The character is shown using a sword to fight a dragon, an unidentified beast, and various dark stick figures, though a reason for his battles is never given.


One of the hero's enemies, shown in one of the opening scenes.


Possibly an imaginary animal, another opponent of the stick figure shown in a single scene.

Dark Figures

An army of the stick figure's enemies who reappear often throughout the Flipnote.


At the end of the Flipnote, a photograph showing the stick figure, his wife, and his son is shown. These characters never truly appear in the animation.


A stick figure decides to use his unique fighting abilities to save the world.


The Flipnote is one of the most-watched Hatena videos on YouTube. It has been reuploaded to Sudomemo.


I Can Walk On Water I Can Fly - -Flipnote-00:47

I Can Walk On Water I Can Fly - -Flipnote-

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