There are several different methods used to make pixel graphics in Flipnote Studio.

Grid Method

You can use this to make sprites like a line, Your own line or small things like lines .

  1. To make appealing pixel graphics, first make sure that you have advanced controls activated.
  2. Go to your paints and press the little box in the bottom right of where it reads, 'Paint.'
  3. Select the pattern in the bottom left corner.
    Middle Brush
  4. Fill the screen manually or flood fill it with this paint.
  5. Go to the third menu and hold down the L button (or R button if your are left-handed). The shrink tool should have changed and will now say 'Enlarge'. Make sure you have advanced controls on.
  6. Enlarge the screen until you can see the individual squares. For the best results it is recommended to enlarge the screen three times.
  7. Check on the 2nd menu that you have 'trace' enabled then turn to a new page. If the squares have been copied onto the new page then erase them first.
  8. You should see the traces of the squares on the page now. Each of the squares will shrink down to one pixel in size.
  9. To create your pixel art simply fill in the majority of any squares you want in any color. Use the largest square pencil. Because it is bigger, it becomes less likely you'll scribble in the squares, making little mistakes less likely to happen.
  10. Now shrink the page three times, then enlarge three times and erase any errors.
  11. Repeat until you are happy with your design.

Stencil Method

This method is useful for small amounts of text and is described in the "How to make pixel fonts" tutorial.

Finding Sprites

1. Visit a website with sprites available.

2. Once you find the right link to a sprite sheet (many sprites), click on it.

3. Right click the sprite sheet and click on the option "copy."

4. Paste the sprite sheet on your desktop.

5. Open the sheet with the Paint program.

6. In the Paint program, click on the magnifying glass so the sprites are bigger.

7. Copy the outline of the sprites onto the Flipnote using the grid method.

8. Enjoy your sprite. Good luck getting stars for your authentic sprite.