What you'll need:

  • A brain.
  • Basic knowledge of how works.
  • A Flipnote creator's Hatena ID.

So how does it work?

Before any Flipnote creator uploaded their first creation on Hatena, they were required to create what's known as a Hatena id. This helped more easily identify them to Hatena, and could be used across all of Hatena's services like Hatena Haiku and Hatena Blog. If you've been on Flipnote Hatena with a DSi before, you most likely have an account.

Flipnote Hatena was used in tangent with another Hatena system called "Hatena Star" which allowed you to buy special colored stars and use them on posts to show you liked them. This system was used with many Hatena services, and logged the amount of stars you'd acquired for each of them. Because of this, Hatena Star has archived direct links to every Hatena user's flipnote accounts!

Ok, so what's the big deal?

Though the Flipnote Hatena site itself might be gone, these links contain a special 16 character string also used to identify users specifically for the Flipnote Hatena service, formatted like this:[STRING IS HERE]@DSi/

And these will allow you to view past flipnotes of creators through Flipnote Studio 3D's DSi Library! (And you can get a download code for Flipnote Studio 3D HERE with a My Nintendo account.)

Okay! How do you do it?

Simply enter this url into your browser shown below:[Hatena id here]/


And now you should see a page like this!


Flipnote creator BosS's profile as an example.

What we're focused on is the links from (with the frog icon).

Not every flipnote link will be a profile link, but they will usually be the one with the most stars at the top, so just hover over it with your mouse and copy the link address with the right-click dropdown menu. Paste it somewhere else then get the 16 character sequence of numbers and uppercase letters from it. (See link format above)

NOTE 2: Some Hatena IDs/accounts have more then one Flipnote account connected to them! (Like with Hate/BosS shown above) And some creators might even have more then one Hatena ID/account! You still might not find EVERY flipnote from that creator!

And that's it! (Phew!)

Have fun indulging in your childhood nostalgia remembering how your art used to be!