Gizmo (written as gizmo on Hatena) was one of the most famous creators on Flipnote Hatena and the #4 creator rank of all time in America (originally #1, but now behind Anthony, Epic, and fred). He is known for making many original audio, comedy-based, flips. Gizmo himself confirmed that he doesn't mind if people use his style. The people who do so are called ''gizmoids''. He is also known for having over 70,000 fans and over 20,000,000 stars. He has created two personal characters named Gizz and Moe, a stick figure and a Boo, respectively. According to one of his Flipnotes, his favorite series on Flipnote Hantena is "Juggernaut" created by J inc. (id:J inc.). Gizmo was a huge inspiration to McBoo and many others.


Gizmo is known to create higly "random" Flipnotes. Often the Flipnote will start with one character attempting to do an action when another character will come and annoy the 1st often with a ridiculous idea or observation. This is the classical plot of a Gizmo Flipnote. Later Gizmo began breaking off from his classical style and to draw more humanoids.


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