Flipnote speed is the rate at which a Flipnote animation's frames are played. There are 8 different Flipnote speed values.

Flipnote Studio 3D
Speed Time for 128 Frames FPS FPM
0 640s (640.16s) 0.2 (0.1995) 12 (11.997)
1 256s (256.2666...s) 0.5 (0.4995) 30 (29.969)
2 128s 1 60
3 64s (63.62666...s) 2 (2.0117) 120 
4 32s (32.29333...s) 4 (3.9637) 240 
5 21 1/3s (21.28s) 6 (6.015) 360 
6 16s (16.96s) 8 (7.547) 480
7 10 2/3s (10.48s) 12 (12.2137) 720
8 6 1/3s (6.2666...s) 20 (20.4255) 1200
9 6s (5.81333...s) 22 (22.0183) 1320
10 4.4s (4.42666...s) 29 (28.9157) 1740
Nintendo DSi
Speed Time for 128 Frames FPS FPM
1 256s (256.741s) 0.5 (0.4985) 30 (29.91)
2 128s (128.001s) 1 60
3 64s (63.998s) 2 120
4 32s (32.007s) 4 240
5 21.333s (21.343s) 6 (5.9972) 360
6 10.666s (10.679s) 12 (11.986) 720
7 6.4s (6.418s) 20 (19.9439) 1200
8 4.266s (4.277s) 30 (29.9275) 1800

Column Descriptions

  • Speed: The speed value in Flipnote Studio
  • Time for 128 Frames: The measured time for 128 frames.
  • FPS: Frames Per Seconds. The common used value for the frame resolution of a video.
  • FPM: Frames Per Minute. FPM equals BPM if you want one frame for every quarter note, meter 4/4. Divide FPM by two to match single frames to eight notes, by 4 to match sixteenth notes (the default pattern resolution of a Korg DS-10 Synthesizer).

Because the maximum music length is a single minute, this value equals the maximum number of frames you can create with recorded background music in one step.

Calculating the speed of a Flipnote's music

To calculate the optimal speed for a looping music track, first calculate the length of your Flipnote.

\text{Flipnote Length} = \frac{\text{Total Pages}}{\text{FPS}}

Now, consider how many beats you would like to play while your Flipnote is running. On a 4/4 beat, one bar has 4 beats. Normally, you will need entire bars for a good music loop. The speed of the music is given as BPM (an acronym for beats per minute).

\text{BPM} = \frac{60 \cdot \text{Beats}}{\text{Flipnote Length}}

Now, try to add an amount of bars to your Flipnote loop until you get into a "beats per minute" value close to your original music. Then, adjust the speed of your music to exactly this BPM speed for an exact loop.

For the best music loop, Flipnotes should have a total number of pages which are a power of two (2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256). That way, the pages will fit into the beat of recorded music, and it is less difficult to synchronize music with the pages of a Flipnote.

Flipnote Music Speed Calculator

FlipnoteMusicSpeedCalculator Screenshot

A Flipnote animation music speed calculator (Flipnote Music Speed Calculator ) is a user-created tool. The latest Java runtime environment is necessary to start the application.

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