Flipnote Hatena's Big Save is a YouTube series in which showcases Flipnotes around the world in YouTube videos. The series has been created by Newest Nick founder, Spencer Everly. The series only contained 15 parts.

The series's playlist's can be found here:


Reborn Series:

Part 7 is missing on the original series due to copyright issues.


One day, when Flipnote Studio 3D released for Club Nintendo members, Spencer Everly decided to make a 'Reborn' part of the series since you can access DSi Library with Flipnote Studio IDs and download them. There is only 3 parts on YouTube as of right now. More parts will be made until Flipnote Hatena will be gone for good on March 31st. But since he can only use FSIDs for American flipnotes and not Japanese/Europe ones like 100%'s or Luigi Star's, he won't be using them for this Reborn series.


Spencer Everly, which is Nick! DSi on Flipnote Hatena, since he made videos since 2012, he decided since he heard of the discontinuation of Flipnote Hatena on May 31st, he was gonna make a series of flipnotes around the world. He has found his DSi somewhere in the basement because he thought he lost it. Then he decided to return on Hatena and post some stuff while he made the series. Anyway, to download the flipnotes on the website, he used Real Player, an thing which downloads videos from the internet. After downloading, he used a video editor to edit some flipnotes in, and posted it on the internet as "Flipnote Hatena's Big Save". He decided to make only 15 parts since it got started.

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