Eggplant (Dukundra)
Eggplant Original Character
Hatena ID
December 2014 (Sudomemo)
Posted Flipnotes

Eggplant (known as Dukundra on Flipnote Hatena) is a user on Sudomemo.


Eggplant creates Flipnotes in a slideshow-like format. Eggplant is also known for her sarcastic remarks. Her fans think that her original character is a floating creature with two large eyes and no mouth.

Eggplant's username is based on the fact that at the time of the creation of her account, her hair was dyed purple (similar to the color of an eggplant). Eggplant is a Canadian artist who currently attends high school. Her favorite color is red.

Eggplant really enjoys the Birdie BAI Flipnote series. One of her Flipnotes includes fan-art of the series' two main characters.


  • Eggplant's favourite food is baked grapes.
  • Eggplant claims to have eaten a one-pound burger in one sitting.
  • Eggplant shares a birthday with Elmo from the Sesame Street franchise (February 3).

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