Shot of Felix performing in his most recent show, "Oliver!"


Couroche™ is a semi popular account run by well known Canadian actor, Felix Yoder. Yoder is a fifteen year old male who is highly passionate about the practice of musical theatre, and has already built an incredible reputation in the Albertan theatre community. He began his study for animation in 2012, with the Creator's Room name "BluFlame".

Time on Hatena/Sudomemo

Couroche began on flipnote Hatena in February, 2012. He began with the name "BluFlame", and quickly became a popular user after the release of the comic, "It All Began When I Fell From Aether", a webcomic based on the game Minecraft. The series became an overnight sensation with the first episode, and became increasingly popular. Sadly, he was forced to close it down when Hatena ended in 2013.

Time on Sudomemo

He returned on Sudomemo in late 2014, again as BluFlame. He then proceeded to release the sequel to I.A.B.W.I.F.F.A, but that also closed due to low views. After the closing of I.A.B.W.I.F.F.A 2, he disappeared from Sudomemo until February, 2015. His interest in Minecraft had faded, and he instead returned with a new


The last known episode of Invictus on Sudomemo.

fascination in the Nintendo franchise, particularly the MOTHER series. He introduced a new webcomic called (at the time) "PK Starstorm". Due to the fact that the comic was set in the Super Smash Brothers universe, the comic drew a lot of viewers and became very popular amoung Sudomemo. Eventually, his twin brother Xavier Yoder agreed to join him in the production of the comic, and the popularity grew when the twins released the sequel, "Invictus".

Leaving Sudomemo

The Yoder twins sadly left Sudomemo in early 2016, cancelling Invictus. Xavier's reasoning behind this, coming from an old DeviantART post, is: "Me and Felix loved writing the comic, we really did. But you can't expect to get that much of a reputation for your comic on a tiny little screen. Our fans deserve our effort, and the Flipnote Studio isn't the best we can do. Invictus will make a return, that is our promise to every who read it and loved it."

Their promise was fulfilled, as the twins did indeed release the Invictus webcomic online, this time in full colour and with it's own website.


  • Felix, due to gender issues, identified as a girl on Hatena under the name Rachelle. He confirms now that he is perfectly happy with his birth gender, and identifying as a girl was simply a phase.
  • Felix is currently on the art team for a retro sidescroller called "PawTail", which can be found here.
  • The twins' webcomic, Invictus, can be found here.
  • Xavier and Felix's screen last names are "Jehan". Their reasoning, according to Xavier, is "It sounds much cooler than 'Yoder'."  

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