Sudomemo citizenship is a special reward on Sudomemo that grants you extra privileges on the service. It is modelled after the Hatena Plus feature of Flipnote Hatena, with notable differences.

Ways to get it


Sudomemo Citizenship is rewarded to those who donate $5 or more to Sudomemo, or to those who get featured in the Sudomemo Weekly News.

A staff member may also choose to give you citizenship based on the content that you post or your conduct within the community, however, this is a rare occurrence and shouldn't be considered as a sure-fire way to get Sudomemo Citizenship whatsoever.


Hatena Plus was a paid service, available for $3 a month or $32.99 a year. The Plus program extended to other Hatena services as well as Flipnote Hatena.

Things you get


Currently, you get a number of color stars to use, a crown badge on your profile, and the ability to change the profile picture on your account. There are more citizen features in development at the moment.


The ability to use Hatena emoji and different colors in your comments from the PC, and the ability to view detailed graphs about the activity on your Flipnotes. You could also add an unlimited number of creators to your favourites list, while the usual limit was about 200.

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