Census Ninjas
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Release Date
(YouTube premiere 5/28/2013)

This article is about the Flipnote. For the article about the characters, see Census Bureau.

Census Ninjas was a Flipnote released to Flipnote Hatena by GUS.


Stick Friend

Main article: Stick Friends

This Stick Friend, a stick figure, refuses to cooperate with the Census Bureau.

Census Bureau

Main article: Census Bureau

A pair of law-enforcing census ninjas who despise the Stick Friend.


One of the Stick Friends does not want to give the Census Bureau his census.


Census Ninjas01:04

Census Ninjas


(A doorbell sounds.)

Stick Friend: (rushes to door) What do you want?

Census Ninja #1: Hello, sir. We're from the Census Bureau, and we came to help you fill out your census.

Stick Friend: The Census Bureau? Aaahh!!!

(Heavy metal music plays.)

Census Ninja #2: Should we barge in through the front door?

Census Ninja #1: Whatever it takes.

Census Ninja #2: Ya! (gasps)

Stick Friend: (blows raspberry)

Census Ninja #2: After him!

Stick Friend: (hops onto scooter, breathes heavily) How are they ever going to catch up to...oh, my gaaaahhhhhhh....

(The Census Ninjas have set up a slingshot made of string, and the Stick Friend is launched on top of a truck. The Ninjas kick a man off of his motorcycle and steal it.)

Motorcyclist: Ugh!

Census Ninja #1: I got this.

Stick Friend: Ah, leave me alone!

Census Ninja #1: Give it to me.

Stick Friend: Back off, man!

Census Ninja #1: Uh, sure.

Stick Friend: Wimp!

(An explosion causes the Stick Friend to fall off of the truck, and the census falls out of his hand and into the second Census Ninja's grasp.)

Census Ninjas: Success!

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