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Birdie BAI was a popular Flipnote Hatena user from the Americas region, mainly known for his Flipnote series titled "Birdie BAI."  He joined in March 2012 and continued to upload Flipnotes until Hatena closed in May 2013. The most popular Flipnote uploaded by the user was "Mr. O's Question" (his nineteenth Flipnote altogether), followed by "BAI Surprise." 

Aside from the Birdie BAI series, the user created music videos (starring the characters from Birdie BAI) and submitted one Icon Contest entry. His Hatena ID was "BirdieBAI," and his profile is still available at this page.

Birdie BAI did not normally do collabs with other Flipnote users, but was asked to collaborate on two Flipnotes by users Eggplant and Mr. Zer0. 

Sudomemo Release

Birdie BAI reuploaded several of his original Flipnotes to the Flipnote Hatena remake "Sudomemo" in November 2014. He has since regained fame on the site, earning a citizenship from Sudomemo creator Austin Burk because of his Flipnotes' popularity. Birdie BAI told fans through Tumblr that he would wait until the release of Flipnote Gallery: World to upload the ten lost episodes of his series so that he would stay true to his word. Birdie BAI Flipnotes have remained in the "Most Popular" section of Sudomemo ever since (as of January 2015).

More Birdie BAI

The series was featured on several sites. Birdie BAI was also given a spotlight on FS@W.

A list, with descriptions, of the BAI-based websites is available below.

Birdie BAI @ Weebly

Birdie BAI @ Weebly is a Weebly-operated site dedicated to the series. It is unknown if it is the work of the creator himself.

Birdie BAI Tumblr

The Tumblr site for Birdie BAI has been verified to be owned by Birdie BAI. It features small blurbs of information as well as some videos.

Birdie BAI @ Mixxt

The Mixxt site for Birdie BAI has been shut down due to the closure of Mixxt. It was a fansite featuring episode lists, character bios, and fanart. The site used a unique system of logging in and signing up to become a member. A screenshot is available below.

Birdie BAI Flipnote Hatena Mixxt Site Sudomemo TeenChat The Author Side

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