This page is a compilation of quotes from Birdie BAI Flipnotes (excluding music videos).
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The "Birdie BAI" Logo, as seen on the Birdie BAI @ Mixxt site


"You can make a masterpiece..." (Birdie Art)

"You can go to space, too! Well, not really." (Birdie In Space!)

"Hai..." (Big Birdie)

"I hope this ends well." (Birdie's Halloween)

"This is...gonna be interesting." (School's In Session)

"I guess so!" (Mr. O's Question)

Mr. O

"You're an egg." (Birdie's Halloween)

"How is it going?" (A Birdie Bully)

"Wait! I have a question!" (Mr. O's Question)

"Bai, I've got good news." (O Yeah)

Tee Kiwi

"Hey! Hey, you!" (A Birdie Bully)

"Oh no, you aren't." (School's In Session)

"No..." (Holly Jolly BAI)

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