Alternate Ending
Flipnote Hatena GUS Alternate Ending A Call From Mario ACFM
Release Date
(YouTube premiere 5/28/2013)

Alternate Ending (originally titled ACFM: Alt. Ending) was a Flipnote released to Flipnote Hatena by GUS. It acted as the alternate ending to an earlier Flipnote titled A Call From Mario.


Stick Friends

Main article: Stick Friends

Like in the original Flipnote, the Stick Friends are the main characters in the animation.

Shy Guy

One of the Shy Guys (enemies in the Mario video games) appears in the Flipnote.


The flipnote shows how A Call From Mario would've ended if the stick figure noticed the Shy Guy peeping through the window.


Alternate Ending00:29

Alternate Ending


Stick Friend #2: Well, I'm gonna go get a Capri-Sun from the fridge! (uneasy laugh)

Stick Friend #1: Well, I might not be able to play Wii, but I can still play Megaman 2 on the...hey, what the?!

(A Shy Guy appears outside the Stick Friends' house. The first Stick Friend smashes the window and lands in the grass.)

Stick Friend #1: Who the heck are you?

Shy Guy: (stutters) Well, uh, uh, uh, you see, uh... (zoom)

Stick Friend #1: Hey!

(The Stick Friend chases the Shy Guy off into the sunset as music from SpongeBob plays.)

Stick Friend #2: (places straw inside Capri-Sun pouch) ... (no audio)

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