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Aeroman ICON

Hello Hatena I'm Aeroman And everyone here are my awesome friends on hatena theyre all in my fave's list so check it out! :), and go fave them :P

-$Alcapone$ -$RON4LD$ -Natzhaks -IcyFlame -Britt -Andwoo -Taken -G@br!el -M+M -Pikachew -Dusteo -Mighty Guy

message me if you are one of my awesome friends and think your name should be up here if it isnt already :)

IVE BEEN RANKED #3 IN HATENA ONCE! :) with a flip of 30,000 views, over 11,000 yellow stars, and 10 green stars plus over 100 comments! :P "NEW GOALS"

Goal For Views: 125,000 [x] Goal For Yellow Stars: 200,000 [x] Goal For Green Stars: 250 Goal For Comments: 2,000 [x] Creators Ranking: #1 once, and #10 Goal for number of fans: 200 [x] Current Creator Rank: #7,013 Current Fans: 229 Current Green Stars: 227 Current Red Stars: 27 Current Blue Stars: 4 Reach Bronze Citizenship: Complete! Reach Silver Citizenship: 28 more days! Reach Gold Citizenship: 228 more days! Reach Platinum Citizenship: 928 more days!


200,000 stars [almost] 300,000 stars [ehh..] 400,000 STARS [not even close xD] 150 fans [x] 200 fans [X] 300 fans [maybe soon] 150,000 views [almost there] 200,000 views [not at all] 300,000 views [far from close! :p] green stars 150 [Complete!!] green stars 200 [Complete!!] green stars 300 [76 more! :)] blue stars 1 [COMPLETE!!] blue stars 5 [1 more!] blue stars 10 [:), almost] red stars 1 [COMPLETE!!!] red stars 5 [COMPLETE!!!] red stars 10 [complete!!] red stars 25 [complete!!] purple stars 1 [<--- haha its the rarest!] make it in mp <--- complete! 21 times.

be faved by a famous creator <--- complete Icyflame, Andwoo :), Britt :), Gabriel, $Alcapone$, GUS, TAKEN comment from a famous creator <---- complete $alcapone$, zlargy, Icyflame, Andwoo :), Nico Blue, Britt :), Gabriel, Mcboo, $RON4LD$

flipnote viewed by a famous creator <----- complete $alcapone$, zlargy, Icyflame, Andwoo :), Xan, Britt :), Gabriel, Mcboo, $RON4LD$

stars from a famous creator <----- complete <------ sokko, zlargy, Icyflame, Andwoo :), Xan, IcyFlame, Magby4ever, Britt :),Gabriel, $Alcapone$

be friends with a famous creator <--- complete Andrew Fan, BUBBLES190. IcyFlame, Andwoo :), Nico Blue, Xan, Mcboo, Britt :), Gabriel, $Alcapone$, $RON4LD$

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