A Planet Full of Unicorns
Flipnote Hatena A Planet Full of Unicorns YouTube
Release Date
February 25, 2011

A Planet Full of Unicorns (also known as Planet Unicorn) was a popular Flipnote released on Flipnote Hatena by Toast.



The main character in the Flipnote, who wishes for three items after discovering a magical lamp. He wears a birthday party hat.


A magic lamp with the power to grant wishes to anyone who finds him. He has a moustache, a magic wand, and a top hat in one scene.


A stick figure named Shanon finds a magic lamp that grants him three wishes. The first is a fur jacket, the second is a flying car, and the third is a planet full of unicorns.


A Planet Full of Unicorns00:32

A Planet Full of Unicorns


  • At the end of the Flipnote, it reads, "Happy B-Day, Mike!" This is referring to Mike ♪, one of Toast's good friends from Flipnote Hatena.

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