A Call From Mario
Flipnote Hatena A Call From Mario YouTube
Release Date
2011 (Flipnote Hatena)
(YouTube premiere 12/18/2011)
May 2015 (Sudomemo)

A Call From Mario was a Flipnote released to Flipnote Hatena by GUS.


Stick Friends

Main article: Stick Friends

The Stick Friends are the central characters. They seem to play many video games.


A video game character who calls the Stick Friends.


Another video game character who appears at the end of the Flipnote.


The Stick Friends get a phone call from one of their favorite video game characters.


A Call From Mario01:06

A Call From Mario


(8-bit video game sounds are heard.)

Stick Friend #2: You've died so many times already, and it's just the first level.

Stick Friend #1: Shut up! This time, I'm in the zone. Stay down, Koopas! (high-pitched voice) Whoo! (returns to normal voice) Hey, watch this. Yeah, this is how the pros...

Stick Friend #2: Uh, that's not very good.

(Sad 8-bit music plays, showing that the first Stick Friend has lost the game yet again.)

Stick Friend #2: Told ya. This is lame.

(The telephone rings.)

Stick Friend #1: Hello?

Mario (on telephone): Stop killing me!

Stick Friend #1: Who is this?

Mario: (clears throat) It's me, Mario!

Stick Friend #1: Uh, you don't mean...

Mario: Yeah. That's exactly what I mean. So listen. Next time I die, you die, because I'm tired of being hit by turtle shells, and being hit over the noggin, and worst of all, being schooled by flying fish! I mean, that's got to be freakin' impossible!

Stick Friend #1: (digs through couch cushions and pulls out a remote control) Found it!

Mario: I swear, if you were me, and I were you, I'd make your life a living...hey!

Stick Friend #1: Wow, glad that's over.

Stick Friend #2: Well, I'm gonna go get a Capri-Sun from the fridge! (uneasy laugh)

Stick Friend #1: Whoa, I can still play Megaman 2 on the iPhone! (beating sounds) Aww, man, I fell in lava.

(There is a knock at the door.)

Megaman: We need to talk.

Alternate Ending

Main article: Alternate Ending

After the Flipnote became extremely popular, GUS uploaded an alternate ending of the Flipnote. More information is available at the Alternate Ending article.

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