1901 MV
Flipnote Hatena 1901 MV YouTube
Release Date
May 28, 2013
(YouTube premiere 5/28/2013)
May 2015 (Sudomemo)

1901 MV was a musical Flipnote released to Flipnote Hatena by GUS.



Main article: Fernando

The main character in the Flipnote (as well as of GUS's Flipnotes in general) who appears several times throughout the video.

Stick Friends

Main article: Stick Friends

Fernando's two companions who sing along to the music.


Main article: Phil

An antagonist of TeenChat who appears in one scene of the music video.

Census Bureau

Main article: Census Bureau

Two stick figures who debuted in GUS's Flipnote Census Ninjas and make an appearance in a singular scene of this video.


Fernando, the Stick Friends, and GUS's renditions of various other Flipnote characters (notably Phil from TeenChat) star in a music video.


1901 MV00:54

1901 MV

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